Dra. Alexandra Pérez Soriano

Expert in Parkinson’s disease, atypical Parkinsonims (Multiple System Atrophy, Progressive Supranucelar Palsy (PSP ), and Functional disorders. Offers home visits as well.

Degree in Medicine and General Surgery from the University of Barcelona (2004-2010).

Specialist in Neurology: MIR at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (2011-2015).

Clinical Research Fellowship in Movement Disorders at University of British Columbia, Vancouver (2015-2017).

PhD student in the clinical and experimental neuroscience program of the University of Barcelona (2017-2020).

Member of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) and of the study group on movement disorders of the Catalan Society of Neurology (SCN-GETM-* CAT).

Member of the Movement Disorders Society (MDS).

Medical and research advisor of the Spanish Multiple System Atrophy Association (ASYD)*.

Author of various publications, she has presented posters and communications at several national and international conferences. She is actively conducting research in the field of movement disorders.

*Members of this association have a 20% discount on outpatient or online visits.