Mercè Casanovas

Expert in speech, voice and swallowing disorders.

Degree in Catalan Philology, University of Barcelona, 1986. Diploma in Speech Therapy, Universidad Autónoma Barcelona, 1987.

Specialization in Diagnosis and Treatment of Dysphagia, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago USA, 1991; Victory Infermery Hospital, Glasgow, 1992.

Specialization in Neurological Speech and Voice Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease Society UK, 1992; Mayo Clinic, MN, USA, 1993.

Master in Neurorehabilitation Update: Dysphagia, at the University Gimbernat- U. Cantabria,  2017.

Doctoral courses in Internal Medicine, Universidad Autónoma Barcelona, 2003.

Speech therapist: Hospital de la Santa Cruz y San Pablo, Barcelona, since 1993 and at the Sinapsis Center – Parkinson’s Unit Teknon Clinic since 1995.

Professor: Speech therapist at Ramon Llull University, Barcelona since 1999 and at Gimbernat University -U.Cantabria since 2015.

Author of several publications and has given numerous communications.